Weekend Weather Outlook

After spending last night practicing for two hours in 40 degree weather with winds swirling at 20-25 MPH we thought that it might be in everyone’s best interest to take a look at this weekend’s upcoming weather.

Of course, it’s a well known fact that predicting the weather close to a week in advance is about as much of a crapshoot as predicting the World Series winner after Opening Day. Not to mention showing it in a public place is essentially guaranteeing that the prediction is going to be horribly wrong. It’s kind of like getting into the same NCAA March Madness pool as your girlfriend, you’re guaranteed to lose to her.

Either way, according to weather.com the outlook is good for Sectionals. Here’s a shamelessly stolen screenshot just for you.

Weekend Weather Outlook

Certainly can’t complain about an outlook like that. That being said, our mom would mention that such a high UV index means wear lots of sunscreen. In fact, our mom will be at sectionals and, more likely than not, will be patrolling sidelines both days demanding to know when the last time you applied SPF 79,000 was.

Seems like some zone could be seen on Saturday as winds could pick up enough to cause some deviation in weaker throws. However, Sunday appears as though it’s going to be more or less still, doubtlessly benefiting the more all around athletic teams that have the ability to win their individual matchups.


One response to “Weekend Weather Outlook

  1. You HAVE been listening to me! Several apps of SPF50 will be OK for you and all your friends. I will be watching.

    Great information–see you Saturday.

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