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GA/SC Sectionals Previews – Clemson

Clemson UltimateSometimes the hardest part of the road is the middle of the road. While the people at the top are applauded and the people at the bottom are pitied, the people in the middle, at times, cannot seem to find a place to fit in. Such has been the case for the Clemson Ultimate Joint Chiefs in the 2009 preseason.

The Joint Chiefs have seen success as varied as a semifinals appearance at their home tournament, Joint Summit, to a 2-4 performance at Queen City Tune-Up. Coping with the ups and downs of such a schedule certainly hasn’t been easy on the boys from Upstate South Carolina.

“It’s been tough,” Clemson captain and graduate student Ben Slade wrote us in an e-mail. “Despite taking half on teams like Forida, N.C. State, ECU and Dartmouth our team has consistently underperformed in the 2nd half. Just like winning solves all problems, close losses certainly wear on us.”

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GA/SC Sectionals – Schedule

Sectional coordinators updated Score Reporter with Saturday’s schedule for Saturday’s GA/SC Sectionals in Columbia, S.C.

Courtesy of: upa.org

Courtesy of: upa.org

Side note/correction: Unless we’re missing something it doesn’t appear that Georgia State is going to get a second run at Clemson-B. There may be unlisted crossovers but judging by the fact that the A and B pools will be playing until 5:00 p.m. we don’t think that’s the case.

That being said, if Clemson-B and GSU don’t play on Saturday then we encourage them to find some time on Sunday to play the rubber match. The Chupacabras very well may still be looking for their first win of the season on Sunday and they think they can get it against Clemson-B. That’s a game that we’d watch.

Clemson, give the people what they want!

Poll Commentary: In Which Florida is Better than Your Team


Much like Harry Nilson we think being the number one is not a piece of cake or, as Arnold would say, “It’s clonely on top.” We’re sure that the University of Florida open ultimate team would agree with us. Florida gets a bad rap. There’s no doubt that the team, at times, has poor spirit and games against the Gators can be frustrating with calls a plenty. However, we must ask, is that the nature of the current ultimate beast? Are they really all that much worse than the other teams at the top?

This is really a debate that requires a whole post unto itself, which I’m sure will arise in the coming weeks. For now though, we’re interested in talking about the most recent installments of the UPA/NUMP Top 25/20.

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GA/SC Sectionals – Pools and Seeding

Ask and ye shall receive eatmealotofpeaches. Here are the pools and seeding courtesy of Tim Ray, GA/SC Sectional Coordinator.

Courtesy of: Tim Ray

Courtesy of: Tim Ray

We’re still working on figuring out the schedule. Let’s hear your predictions and we’ll be certain to post ours before action starts. We’re also working on a couple of team previews. Stay tuned to hear about Charleston, USC, Georgia Southern and Clemson either later today or tomorrow.