Poll Commentary: In Which Florida is Better than Your Team


Much like Harry Nilson we think being the number one is not a piece of cake or, as Arnold would say, “It’s clonely on top.” We’re sure that the University of Florida open ultimate team would agree with us. Florida gets a bad rap. There’s no doubt that the team, at times, has poor spirit and games against the Gators can be frustrating with calls a plenty. However, we must ask, is that the nature of the current ultimate beast? Are they really all that much worse than the other teams at the top?

This is really a debate that requires a whole post unto itself, which I’m sure will arise in the coming weeks. For now though, we’re interested in talking about the most recent installments of the UPA/NUMP Top 25/20.

What They Got Right:

  • There is really only one undeniable thing about this set of polls. Florida is the best team in the nation.

We’re by no means guaranteeing a National Championship for the Gators but they deserve their No. 1 ranking. Admittedly, UF has split its season series with the UPA/NUMP No. 2 Carleton. However, it’s hard to argue against a resume that reads: Trouble in Vegas Champion, Stanford Invite Champion and Huck Finn Champion (although the Huck Finn championship may be disputed due to format issues, we’ll discuss this another time).

Florida has beaten five of the UPA top ten this season and beaten two of them (Wisconsin and Colorado) of them twice. We had the displeasure of getting scromped by the Gators at Florida Warm Up and are fully aware that their roster is just as deep and just as talented, if not more so, than every other team in the nation.


  • Ranking Middlebury in the top ten is a good call in our opinion. Not only do the Pranksters know how to have fun unlike any other team we’ve come across but they incorporate talent along with a nasty zone defense into having that fun.

We remember watching a little bit of the Pranksters’ game against Brown at College Southerns and the many questions that arised because of Middlebury’s *ahem* unconvential style of play.

Bystander 1: Do you think that the one in the cheetah dress can get full range of motion when he’s running?

(The one in the cheetah dress procedes to run a disc down, get position and sky for a score)

Bystander 2: Yes. I think he manages.


  • The NUMP left Wisconsin in the top five. Although we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the Hodags play in person this season it’s hard to imagine that such a dynasty would be able to drop off the map as quickly as the some folks assume the boys from Madison have.

Since Trouble in Vegas the Hodags have lost only four times. Those losses have come by a count of 2, 3, 4 and 5 points. Not only that but three of those losses have come to NUMP top 15 teams. Anyone who’s counting the Hodags out of the running for the National Championship is about as misguided as someone who is throwing a full field hammer on double-game point in 30 MPH winds.

What They Got Wrong:


  • Iowa is not the 41st best team in the nation. They are much better than that. We saw IHUC play at Florida Warm Up and, while they have stuggled since, the Hawkeyes have the fluidity on offense and the quality of play on defense that allows them to play with just about anyone in the nation.

Iowa has proved that ability even in their losses. While they struggled mightily at Huck Finn four of their five losses at TiV were by two scores or less.


  • Middlebury is only listed as “Also receiving votes” in the NUMP Poll. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You would think that a poll ran by a guy from North Carolina would have a little bit more respect for the College Easterns champions.

Middlebury might not deserve to be ranked as high as the UPA has them ranked but the Pranksters certainly are closer to No. 8 then they are to No. 23.

That’s it for our first poll commentary. Until next time, we want to hear a lot of arguing and name calling.


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