Details on Tomorrow’s Coverage

Sorry to the teams that we didn’t have time to respond to and to the teams that did respond that we didn’t have time to preview. Namely, CofC and SPSU. Know only this about the Bums and Pure Bliss: They are both sick and they will rape your women, enslave your children and steal your riches. Then run away laughing and while they catch frisbees in your end zones.

On to some less serious and less frightening business. Here is the plan for tomorrow. We will be updating scores via Twitter after every round. You can either view the results on the side of the blog or you can go straight to our Twitter URL: or you can go there and sign up to follow us and you will receive our updates.

(On a complete sidenote: We find the idea of “following” people on Twitter to be strange and disconcerting. Perhaps it’s because we fear that in the future people will actually believe that reading 140 character blurbs of text about people is equivalent to following people. Perhaps it’s just because we read 1984 and have seen the Matrix and are fearful that the government reads our Twitters and taps our phonecalls… Not that we have anything tapworthy… Nothing to see here… Move along government agents.)

At the end of Saturday and Sunday we plan on speaking with captains from each team and then we will provide a full write from the day’s action. So you can check up on the site tomorrow evening and there will be a detailed account of what happened in the day’s play. Not only that but we will have a link to photos from each day’s action courtesy of Alan Tauber. An experienced and professional photographer who is single and most likely better looking and more masculine than your boyfriend/significant other.

A little extra information on Twitter. As we only have 140 characters of text we will be limited in what we can say. Therefore we have devised a little code that will allow us to post scores without using too much space. They will go like this.

Round #. Winning team d. losing team +However many points they won by. Next winnning team d. next losing team +However many points they won by. And so on until we run out of space. If we run out of space in a single update then we will follow that update with another one preceded by the round number so that it is clear at what time those games took place. Here is a hypothetical Twitter from us for Round One.

“Rnd 1. Kenst d. Gcsu +2. Spsu d. Charb +3. Clem d. Gatb +5. Gasob d. Gast +4. Gat d. Ugab +6. Gaso d. Clemb +5. Sc d. Ugad +5. Char d. Scad +7.”

That is 145 characters so, most likely you can expect two updates from us every round and we will fill in any additional information in the extra space. Such as: “UGA clinches first round bye tom,” or the like.

Here is a legend of which teams are which.

Jojah – Uga

Emory – Em

Georgia Tech – Gat

USC – Sc

Kennesaw State – Kenst

Clemson – Clem

Georgia Southern – Gaso

Charleston – Char

GCSU – Gcsu

SPSU – Spsu

SCAD – Scad

Georgia State – Gast

B/D teams – Same as A team followed by B/D.

I hope that covers all of the bases. If you have any questions or think that the format doesn’t work then leave a comment here or Twitter (Is that the verb form?) us and we’ll work on getting the kinks out.

See you at the fields.


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