Morning Pull: This One Goes Out to the Grownups

The Morning Pull is going to be our new morning feature. We will start the day off with some kind of general interest information, opinion, link, video or just a random thought.

We stumbled across this link while looking up information on SPSU and we have to say that we are quite impressed.

There are few things more important than parents’ involvement in their children’s lives. While that is true, it is also a universal truth that parents, even if they recognize the importance of being involved in their child’s life, are unable to indentify with that child’s passions.

It is a monster uphill battle to dispelling the myths and presuppositions that people have about Ultimate. We came into work this past summer with a broken finger (following a midair collision we had fallen with all of our weight on our pinky finger. When we stood up, it was at a ninety degree angle from the second knuckle. Moral of the story? Your pinky cannot support your body weight) and had to deal with the laughter and jibing that comes along with letting someone know that you have recently injured yourself playing frisbee.

“Did someone just throw it really hard?”

“Wow, are you out for the season?”

“Good thing your sport isn’t that hard, otherwise you’d be in a lot of trouble.”

Needless to say, convincing someone that competitive ultimate is a little bit different than what they understand frisbee to be, which is usually a vision of a bunch of people with long hair and hemp clothing tossing a frisbee around some other people who are smoking a hookah, can be pretty hard.

We appreciate Mr. Seidler’s effort to get parents more involved and more knowledgeable about the game. We especially appreciate his suggestions on what to bring to tournaments (ice, fruit, snacks). If you’re an parent planning on coming to Sectionals this weekend, or planning on attending a tournament… ever we highly recommend this read.

For the rest of the day we will be pretty busy. A preview of Georgia Southern and details about our coverage during the day tomorrow will follow. Along with any other team previews that we get information back on. All of that along with possibly going to help line the fields this afternoon and a team dinner tonight.


2 responses to “Morning Pull: This One Goes Out to the Grownups

  1. Dear Son….I get the very subtle hint….

    how many people are said parents supposed to care for?

  2. Really nice link to Mr. Seidler’s site for a parent. Thanks. I am looking forward to my first Ultimate spectator experience. Mom

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