Daily Archives: April 13, 2009

GA/SC Sectionals – Sunday Recap

We were unable to talk to any captains or coaches after play on Sunday. We were on the field when Georgia and Emory finished playing and didn’t get to see many of the other games in action so take this recap as mostly our opinion.

The day began with Jojah matched up with Charleston and Emory matched up with cross-town rival Georgia Tech in the championship bracket.

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Morning Pull: Is There a Better Way?

Let’s face it, A-Team(s) is awesome.

After participating in our first, and probably our last, UPA college open series event we were left with one question. Is this really the best way to determine who should move on and who should stay home?

We realize that tournaments are the way to go but are these tournaments, these Sectionals at least, set up in the best way?

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