Morning Pull: Is There a Better Way?

Let’s face it, A-Team(s) is awesome.

After participating in our first, and probably our last, UPA college open series event we were left with one question. Is this really the best way to determine who should move on and who should stay home?

We realize that tournaments are the way to go but are these tournaments, these Sectionals at least, set up in the best way?

At the GA/SC sectionals there was a gross diference between the top nine seeds and the rest of the field (SCAD being the exception but it is our opinion that misinformation led to a ridiculously low seeding for Buz). One need only take a cursory look around the rest of last weekend’s activity to realize that this is a common problem across the board.

At Florida sectionals Florida State-B scored five points through its first three games, lost to Florida-B and finally lost againt to Florida Tech. While DUF’s B-team was getting scromped all over the field, UCF’s B-team did not win a game all weekend and Florida-C managed only one win over the hapless HAVOC.

While there are some examples of B-teams around the nation being somewhat competitive with smaller school’s A-teams we have yet to find a good example of an B-team that actually had an effect on the net outcome of a Sectional tournament.

It seems that the UPA should consider restructuring its bid system in order to avoid what we believe we saw at GA/SC and Florida Sectionals. Programs submitting too many teams that have no chance of competing in order to expand the number of bids from their Section to Regionals. 

While we haven’t spent a ton of time thinking about possible solutions something could certainly be worked out for a possible B-team tournament. We don’t think that the current format is fair or reasonable to either B teams or the A-teams that are forced to scromp them.

We don’t think that B-teams belong in A-team Sectionals. Opponents are going to say that this robs the fans and players of shots at upsets and exciting moments. We believe that those upsets are few too few and far between to make the sacrifice of forcing an A-team to win its first three or four games on Saturday by counts of 15-1, 15-0 and 15-3.

We would never suggest a situation where a school’s A-team does not get a shot at making it to the national championship game because each school deserves a shot. However, each school does not deserve as many shots as it can pay for. It’s a waste of time and takes away from the integrity of the competition of the weekend as a whole.

This is a problem that the UPA should look at before someone else has to take action. Before someone else has to call in… The A-Team!

We apologize for a lack of Sunday recap. We were worn out from the day’s play and mildly discouraged because we did not advance to Regionals. That being said, you can be excited about coverage of Regionals seeing as we won’t be playing. We plan on brining you similar (yet more accurate) round by round updates via Twitter, photos, daily recaps and daily video highlights. Keep an eye out for Sunday’s recap later today.


One response to “Morning Pull: Is There a Better Way?

  1. Really? You do realize the UPA is already well into the process of completely restructuring college Ultimate right?

    The UPA has posted on RSD and sent out mass e-mails about this.

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