GA/SC Sectionals – Superlatives

After taking several steps back and reviewing the past weekend. We decided that we’d give out a couple awards.

Best Team

Georgia – Once again the Dawgs proved that they were the best team in the section. Jojah did not struggle much with anyone and the only team that really challenged them was Emory. It’s not going to be an easy road by any means, but we’d be hard pressed to believe that UGA will not be one of the representatives from the Atlantic Coast Region at Nationals.

Best Spirit

GCSU – We’re going to modify Vince’s words from 0:22 a little bit. They’re a Doug Oetter coached team and you know Doug Oetter coaches good spirited teams. Discconnected is not only a fun team to play against but they’re a fun team to watch. If you’re ever at the fields and you hear a vulgar and hilarious cheer, you can expect to find Discconnected somewhere close behind it.

Biggest Cinderella 

SCAD – We’ve already made allusions to this but we were stunned by SCAD. Buz was the No. 16 seed and broke seed nine spots to finish tied for seventh with South Carolina. Admittedly, SCAD actually deserved eighth after Buz and the Gamecocks competed in rookie Finger Poke, Rochambeau and finally Dance Off in order to decide who would take home the coveted title of “Second Team to Not Go to Regionals.”

Biggest Dissapointment

Georgia Southern and South Carolina – Both the Gamecocks and the Eagles dropped three seeds and neither team made Regionals. USC only managed victories over Georgia-D, Georgia-B and SCAD over the weekend while Southern could only beat Georgia-B and Clemson-B. We thought both of these teams had the horses and the know-how to go farther then they did. Without a doubt, we’re sure that both teams went home dissapointed with their performance.

Best Cheer

Charleston-A&B – You would think that one of GCSU’s many cheers would take this cake but the Bums surprised us. At the beginning of each day the Bums would face some imaginary symbol of this great nation and bless us with a thrilling rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, our favorite, Marvin Gaye, would be proud.

That being said, Jojah’s Amazing Grace on Sunday mornings gives us chills every time. Perhaps it’s because we’re acquainted with the history of UGA and Amazing Grace. Perhaps it’s just because it was Easter morning but we applaud the Dawgs and no matter how off key they are we support them.

Best Uniforms


Photo by Alan Tauber.

Photo by Alan Tauber.

Georgia Southern – We know for a fact that through Southerns, the tournament, and club dues that GSU has got to have one of the largest budgets of any team in the nation that is not going to Regionals. We suppose it’s worth it because Southern’s baby/powder blues, well, they just look good.

We’re hoping to hear back from some more coaches and captains soon about the Monup All-Section team. We’ll have that up most likely tomorrow.

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