Morning Pull: People Playing Ultimate Up to 25 Times a Year!

We found this link yesterday and were amazed.

Another encouraging sign for the sport? People are playing ultimate frisbee more often. The SGMA says that 18 percent of ultimate frisbee players played the game at least 25 times in 2008.

Who are these people and where do they get this kind of time? This just goes to show that the people that do play ultimate are a bunch of stoners with nothing better to do than sit around and toss a plastic disc back forth between each other.

We realize that the author isn’t making that statement by quoting those statistics but we do think that the language that usually surrounds ultimate often gives off that kind of vibe. On that note ultimate players really have no one to blame from but themselves for that stereotype.

There isn’t really a problem with having people perceive the sport in a certain way. It doesn’t really bother us unless it’s to the point where people either refuse to play or allow their children to play because ultimate isn’t a “legitimate sport” or because of the “lifestyle” that comes with playing the game.

The growth of the sport is always good news. We just wish that when people referred to ultimate it was in a more informed way. We can guarantee that if you were to ask Darren Rovell about ultimate the most that he’d be able to tell you is that it involves a frisbee.

In conclusion, get out and play ultimate with friends. Introduce those who don’t understand the game to the way that it is actually played. We don’t expect to see ultimate televised on a consistent basis anytime soon but it would be nice to see some change in the way that the game is perceived.

There are many aspects of frisbee that we would never want to change no matter what kind of perception they create (walking points, beer points) but in the meantime keep doing the work out there that has seen this sport grow by the hundreds of thousands.


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