Morning Pull: Pickup Ultimate


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Courtesy of

If you haven’t visited yet then you should make your way over there as soon as possible and either check out the games available in your area or add games that you are a part of to the list.

We are impressed with the efforts of those who run the site to continue the growth of Ultimate. Now that we have been playing competitve ultimate for a year we find that some pickup games can be frustrating. However, it is important to remember that, almost no matter who you are, the first time you played Ultimate it was in a completely unorganized and completely non-competitive pickup game.

Although watching or playing Ultimate at its highest level can be exciting, gratifying and flat out addicting it’s important to remember that the weekend warriors, the people who play the game in their spare time and for no other reason than just for the sake of competing are the people that keep this sport growing.

All-Section team should be up later this afternoon. We are also planning on getting started in previewing AC Regionals with similar team by team profiles just like we did for Sectionals. Although it won’t be our focus, we also plan on profiling as many women’s teams as we can in preparation for Women’s AC Regionals which will be in the same place at the same time as the Open Regionals. So keep an eye out for those.


One response to “Morning Pull: Pickup Ultimate

  1. Rob Sayre-McCord

    Hey, I like these write-ups and am looking forward to your coverage of AC Regionals. Coverage of college ultimate has been slacking somewhat this year so it’s nice to see you stepping up. I’d be happy to talk with you both about our team and the others we’ve seen so far this year.

    Rob SM
    President UNC Ultimate #87

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