Morning Pull: Gators First

Gators First

While we’ve never been partial to the University of Florida, considering we were raised by two Florida State grads and now attend South Carolina we don’t have much reason to be, we were excited to play a small role in the Gator Nation yesterday.

We were contacted about having our Florida preview posted on Gators First. Obviously we were quite excited about the prospect. Not only does it get our name out there but it gets Ultimate out there. The site treated Ultimate with the respect that we would expect it to get treated with and, quite frankly, we were surprised with their interest in the subject.

This is what our main goal was with this site. To provide some semblance of real journalism to Ultimate in an effort to gain some respect for the sport. Let’s face it, there’s no way that site would have requested a copy of the article if it didn’t include quotes from a source or contain anything but opinion. So, on that note, we feel, to a small measure, that we have already exceeded in our goal.

We’ve also seen some awesome numbers in terms of page views and feedback has generally been really positive two weeks into the existence of this blog. We say all this not to toot our own horn (though we are) but more to say thank you for the support thus far and we plan on continuing our efforts throughout the rest of the season.

NUMP Rankings are out, we’ll have those posted later today. We are also in talks with Georgia and Charleston for previews and we hope to have those posted as well.


One response to “Morning Pull: Gators First

  1. nice job on this whole thing, the writing is really good. everyone on the team appreciates you puttin in the effort. see ya in a few days

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