AC Regionals – Open Seedings, Pools and Brackets

The seedings, brackets and pools for this weekend’s UPA Atlantic Coast Regionals this weekend in Charlotte, NC have been released. Look below for that information and some commentary.


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There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The seedings and pools for the AC Regionals. We have a couple things that we would like to discuss.

  • Emory is officially your Cinderella of the tournament. When you have a player of Sam Gainer’s talent in a system that works at fluidly as Emory’s, you can beat anyone. Sure you don’t expect Emory to beat any of the one seeds but you have to remember that Emory did take Jojah to 15-11 at Sectionals. If Virginia goes into their second game on Saturday not expecting a fight… you could see a large upset.
  • We believe that the No. 1 seeds are correct. It would be a hard argument for anyone to make to put UGA over UVA based on their seasons so far. That being said, Peter Dempsey did tell us that Regionals is going to be the first tournament of the Spring season in which Jojah has its entire roster healthy. UGA will be no pushover and it will be a battle between all three of the No. 1 seeds to see who battles Florida for the Regional crown.
  • There are a couple of other teams that we think should be watched to break seed. Georgia Tech can definitely give William and Mary a run for its money. The Wreck has a system that can force anyone into submission and from the base reporting that we’ve done (aka. from what we’ve seen on its Score Reporter page) W&M has a tendency towards inconsistency that could spell trouble against a team like Tech. UCF better watch its back against Virginia Tech as well. We’ve heard that Andrew Roca is injured and that spells big trouble for the Dogs of War of UCF, especially if Burn brings its A-game.

After the first three rounds the fourth place team in every pool is eliminated. Crossovers then begin, at which point the four top teams will face off in non-elimination games and all of the second and third place teams will play elimination games. Those crossovers will look like this:

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The losers of the 2v3 crossovers are eliminated and the top eight teams are reseeded for bracket play on Sunday. The Championship and Backdoor brackets will look like this:

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We’re thrilled for play to begin and every piece of news that comes out just reminds us that we are one step closer to the opening pull on Saturday. We’ll have a short preview later today on a couple of women’s teams.

It appears that this tournament is going to have a lot of awesome competition and we plan on bringing it to you in the best way possible.


4 responses to “AC Regionals – Open Seedings, Pools and Brackets

  1. Nice coverage man. Keep up the good work. Looks like it should be a good tournament this weekend. Definitely agree with you, Emory and GT could make some serious noise Saturday.

  2. we don’t need roca

  3. where’s the women’s coverage?

  4. roca will be playing at regionals just not right handed.

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