Morning Pull: Tomorrow’s Coverage

We figured that we’d let you in on our plans for tomorrow’s coverage as soon as possible.

Much like Sectionals we plan on updating round by round from our Twitter. You can either follow us here or follow the updates on the right hand side of this site. However, we found the sidebar updates to be unreliable last weekend so we’d encourage you to either depend on following us on Twitter or just load the Twitter page and click refresh towards the ends of the rounds. We will be using the same code as last time and here is the key for it.

Twitter: Rnd 1. UGA d. FSU +5. UNC d. Clem +7. etc. etc.

English: In round 1 Jojah defeats Florida State by 5 and North Carolina defeats Clemson by 7. Etc. etc.

Here’s the list of team abbreviations.

Florida = UF

Virginia = UVA

Georgia = UGA

UNC-Wilmington = UNCW

NC State = NCS

North Carolina = UNC

Central Florida = UCF

William and Mary = WM

Georgia Tech = GAT

Virginia Tech = VAT

Florida State = FSU

Tennessee = UT

Charleston = CHAR

Clemson = Clem

Emory = Em

James Madison = JMU

This weekend Jesse Von Fange will be joining us as the tournament photographer. We expect that he will do just as good a job as our last photographer. Jesse’s an experienced Ultimate photographer with an eye for good shots. You can check out some of his previous work here. We think he’s a talented young guy who could make a name for himself if he keeps shooting over the next couple of years.

We will be putting up day recaps at the end of each day. Interviews will be included and so will photos from each day’s action. We’ll do our best to get the recaps out quickly but don’t get impatient as end of the day interviews, and finding somewhere with wireless internet may take some time.

Finally, an added bonus to coverage of Sectionals will be our video coverage. Unfortunately, we seriously doubt that we will be able to write recaps, do interviews, edit video and breathe in the amount of time we’ll have this weekend. Therefore, the video highlight reel will be out sometime later next week.

That’s the plan, we look forward to getting started. Let us know if you have any questions.

Sorry about promising some women’s coverage and not getting to it last night. We’re going to start the write up right away and should have it up by noon.


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