Daily Archives: April 29, 2009

AC Open Regionals – An Observer’s Take

As we’ve already made abundantly clear on this blog, we were supremely impressed with the level of play during AC Regionals, both in terms of sportsmanship, talent and excitement. However, we didn’t want our opinion to be the only thing that lead to that conclusion. Here’s a Q&A that we recently had with El Diablo’s Mike Nash. Nash, from everything that we’ve heard and seen, is a really nice and really knowledgeable guy when it comes to Ultimate. We figured that his experience would be something that would interest everyone.

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Morning Pull: Ultimate Flashback

As we are running low on current topics to focus the Morning Pull on, we thought that it would be fitting to throw out a Ultimate Flashback every now and then. There are plenty of sites and artifacts all over the internet that are dedicated to the history of Ultimate. We’d like to put those sites and artifacts on display.

This video is brought to you from Baton Rouge, La. When the men are men and the frisbees fly free and uninhibited. This video especially caught our eye because there is a strong chance that we will end up in Baton Rouge sometime after graduation and we’re hoping to meet some/all of the men featured in this video.

Here’s our play by play breakdown of the video.

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