Morning Pull: Ultimate Flashback

As we are running low on current topics to focus the Morning Pull on, we thought that it would be fitting to throw out a Ultimate Flashback every now and then. There are plenty of sites and artifacts all over the internet that are dedicated to the history of Ultimate. We’d like to put those sites and artifacts on display.

This video is brought to you from Baton Rouge, La. When the men are men and the frisbees fly free and uninhibited. This video especially caught our eye because there is a strong chance that we will end up in Baton Rouge sometime after graduation and we’re hoping to meet some/all of the men featured in this video.

Here’s our play by play breakdown of the video.

0:05 – “We used to do it like this.” This is a great intro to this topic because of the innumerable things that the host could be talking about. Sharpening a knife, petting a cat in an evil manner, gutting a fish and throwing a frisbee all come to mind.

0:11 – “Now you’ve got a whole new twist on the game of frisbee tossing.” The rest of us like to call the “game” of frisbee tossing by another name, perhaps it’s only in the Ultimate community that this “game” is known as “catch.”

0:34 – “… of athletes that take the game to its Ultimate.” Ahhhh… we see what you did there and we LIKE IT!

0:44 – Travel.

0:48 –

Jeff FreemanSpicoli

‘Nuff said. If anyone knows where Jeff Freeman is today, please inform us because we would love to know what his views are on his haircut in retrospect.

1:01 – The music and scenes that go on immediately following this point in the report are fascinating. What am I watching? Am I on acid? Is this happening to us?

1:11 – Travel

1:30 – “Taunnnting, trying to hurt an OHppOHnent, is very much forbehden.” Thank you Spicoli and we appreciate your dedication to the Spirt of the Game!

1:44 – “Which is… the Ultimate in Ultimate.” Again, we see your corny Ultimate synonym joke and we appreciate the effort that you must have put in to writing it.

All joking aside, this video is awesome. From Spicoli look-alikes to thousands of bad haircuts and corny jokes. It’s good to see that some things in Ultimate will never change. If anyone from this former (?) club team reads this or someone knows how to contact any of these guys, we’d love to hear from them.

Look out for our superlatives from AC Regionals later today. Also, we’ve spoken with Mike Nash of El Diablo who observed at AC Regionals and are going to provide with his take on the X’s and O’s of Regionals. We’ve been talking with captains from Regionals teams and the Monup AC All-Region team should be out sometime tomorrow. On top of that, we’re hoping to add a very special guest writer soon, more information to come later. Thanks for reading!


2 responses to “Morning Pull: Ultimate Flashback

  1. who is this guy with the mullet? i have you phone charger but havent contacted you bc my phone is broken. ill get it over to your place or leave it with someone who can get it to you. sorry if i killed the vibe of your blog…

  2. I knew Jeff back in the early 90s. I just ran across a mention of him in Forum. Here’s a link.

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