Monup’s AC All-Region Team

Based on an extremely scientific process of asking the captains of each team to vote for their All-Region team we bring you: Monup’s First Annual AC All-Region team! Thanks to the captains that voted and congratulations to the players that made the team. We’d be more than happy to be listed as a reference on any and all of your future resumes.

First Team


1. Robert Runner – UVA Night Train (Consensus Selection)

2. Peter Dempsey – Jojah Bulldogs (Consensus Selection)

3. Rusty Ingold-Smith – UNC-W Seamen (Consensus Selection)

4. Brodie Smith – UF Gators

5. Tyler Conger – UVA Night Train

6. Alan Kolick – William and Mary

7. Thomas Ward – NC State Wolfpack

Second Team


1. Ken Porter – NC State Wolfpack

2. Brett Matzuka – NC State Wolfpack

3. Ben Slade – Clemson Joint Chiefs

4. Chris Mullinux – UT Volunteers

5. Eric Olivier – Charleston Bums

6. Taylor Nilan – Jojah Bulldogs

7. Brian Casey – UNC-W Seamen

Also receiving votes: Daniel Petronio – FSU DUF

A couple notes:

One consensus selection that is not shown through these votes, someone from NC State deserves to be on the first team. Every captain from the Region that voted had a member from the Wolfpack on his ballot but, as can be seen here, the votes ended up split between three Wolfpack players.

In case of a tie, we were the deciding vote.

Neeley has his own first and second All-Region squads with some of his own commentary and we’ll have that up in a bit. Sorry about our recent absence but finals have been bogging us down. Not to worry though, as Robert Runner told us in an e-mail (although he was speaking for himself and we are now speaking for us) “I just finished up with exams, so I can fully focus on Ultimate.”


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