Morning Pull: Getting Ready for Nationals

We like to imagine that this is what is happening at 20 campuses around the nation at this point and we are excited.

Nationals is approaching and there are hundreds of people are training for something that, for at least this year, they’ve been completely focused on. We’re sure that blood sweat and tears have gone into this and as a result, we think it’s important to bring you the stories of that blood, sweat and tears.

We’re going to be trying to give you a team preview of every open and women’s team headed to Columbus. So be on the lookout for those. Sadly, we will not be going to Nationals ourselves as unfortunately (?) a very close friend of ours is getting married that weekend and we are supposed to be in the wedding. Perhaps Neeley will be able to provide some kind of up to the minute coverage but for now you will have to rely on other sources to get your day by day updates.

Until then though, stick with us as we give you previews of all the teams that will be playing out all the results that we’ll be missing.


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