Morning Pull: UPA All-Region

In our opinion there is always something just a little bit silly when it comes to awards and things of that nature. There is rarely an agreed upon definition of how one is to receive an award.

Look no further than Arizona State University, the school that is refusing Barack Obama an honorary doctoral degree after he delivers the school’s commencement address this year because he hasn’t proved himself yet. This, of course, is the same school that gave a Canadian prime minister an honorary degree when she had served less time in office than Obama has already. She was also subsequently voted out of office.

We digress, point being, the UPA released its All-Region first and second teams for this season along with the Freshman of the Year awards. Since we’re based in the Atlantic Coast we’ll stick to discussing that. Here’s the team:

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

While the first team seems fairly accurate we were surprised to see some names not make the list. That being said, all of these players are more than deserving of the team in the AC, we just believe it’s a testament to the talent in the Region that there are more players than just these 16.

Caleb Edwards – Jojah – Of course, Hickson was injured at Regionals and we didn’t get a chance to watch the younger Sayre-McCord that much but, it’s hard to believe that either of these two freshmen have a noticeably larger impact on their team than Edwards. We know Hickson is talented and Sayre-McCord is doubtlessly deserving as well but Edwards plays a major role in the offense of the 2nd best team in the Region.

Chris Kibson and Cole Sullivan – Florida – It’s hard to say who these two should have made the team in front of but, once again depending on your criteria, these two should have at least gotten a second glance.

Eric Olivier – Charleston – EO is a great player and, although he’s not surrounded by the talent that many of these other players are, he’s deserving of some recognition. The man is great in the air and of you can introduce us to someone in the Region who has a larger and more accurate flick huck we’ll eat our shorts.

All that being said, UPA did a good job and these are, of course, based on votes from captains and organizers. So, what do we know?


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