Morning Pull: Team USA Scrimmages in Atlanta

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, your national Ultimate heroes are coming to the Dirty South this Sunday for a scrimmage against local club players at 12:30 PM. This has happened, we believe, once prior to this scrimmage. Team USA traveled to Boulder, CO to face off against local players and, in fact, lost to the local team. We suppose that home-field advantage is real and it is heavy when it comes to Ultimate.

Not only will Team USA be coming for a scrimmage but the team is also offering a clinic for youth players in the area starting at 10:00 AM and going to 12:00 PM. Which is great news because we all know that Atlanta youth simply don’t have enough opportunities to learn to be awesome at Ultimate.  A great high school age Ultimate player hasn’t come out of Atlanta since… about four or five seconds ago.

All joking aside, we are excited about this idea. There’s no doubt in our mind that the UPA simply does not have the funds to completely support Team USA’s travels and for that reason a lot of the team’s expenses end up coming out of pocket. The team is using this event to showcase their skills and benefit the local community along with raising funds (a donation of $10 is asked if you are attending the clinic and the scrimmage or just the scrimmage) to support its travels later this summer.

We spoke with Team USA member and current Atlanta resident Deb Cussen about the event and will have an interview with her up later today. Also, we will be covering the action live on Sunday. We’ll be sure to Twitter scores as they happen and have a full game recap up later in the day. We’re trying to work out photos as well and we’ll update you as events unfold there. Don’t worry though, we will not be neglecting our responsibilities with regards to College Nationals as a result of this.


One response to “Morning Pull: Team USA Scrimmages in Atlanta

  1. Nice site and coverage of the Team USA scrimmage this weekend. Just to set the record straight, the team had two exhibition scrimmages before the Atlanta one: one in Denver against a combination of Johnny Bravo, Rare Air, and Box players and one in the SF Bay Area against a Jam, Revolver, Fury mix.

    Team USA won in Denver but lost in California. Testing ourselves against the Atlanta players was definitely a great opportunity to push ourselves and implement the tactics and strategies we had been working on in practice. A big thanks is owed to the Atlanta ultimate community for being so supportive and welcoming!

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