Morning Pull: UPA College Nationals Experimental Rules

That’s right ladies and gentlemen (well, more the gentlemen than the ladies) there’s a new sheriff in town. The 20 teams competing at college Nationals voted to approve some new rules for this season’s National tournament. Here’s what they look like:

Open –

Travel Calls will go to immediate referral. There will be no debate. The calls will be made then, if they are contested, go straight to the observer.

Up/Down Calls will be made actively by the observers. Players cannot call or contest Up/Down calls.

Women –

Both Travel and Up/Down calls will be immediate referral.

Stay tuned as we have many things on our plate. Neeley will be weighing in on the new rules to give us a Nationals player’s perspective on the upcoming rule changes. Also, we’ve been contacted by Team USA coach Greg Connelly, we’ll have his take on how Team USA has gelled so far and what tasks they have ahead of them.

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