Morning Pull: RSD

While many quality topics and discussions get buried by spam, both of the Toad/MikeG ranting, raving and nonsensical type and of the unexplainable Nike kicks type, there have been some really great conversations as of late.

We take this opportunity to point you towards two.

This one.

This thread stars the spokespeople of the Florida Open Section. Including, but not limited to, Mimmo Alfano and Andrew Roca (assuming Roca Dope is him). This conversation includes highlights such as:

Mimmo: Roca, you ignorant slut.


Roca: Mimmo, you pretentious slag.

As someone in the thread already says, “I appreciate your returning rsd to its original and proper purpose, talking shit about other teams, very well done.”

Then there’s this gem.

We don’t know who this person is or what their M.O. is but we find this hilarious.

As Parinella says, this really throws off the RRI but, let’s face it, if someone had to mess with RRI in the process of making fun of every person and everything in the Ultimate world, it’s well worth it.


2 responses to “Morning Pull: RSD

  1. Haha, and I don’t even live there anymore…

  2. we made it mimmo! we made it to the top!

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