Monthly Archives: November 2009

Classic City Classic LIII

When we started this blog it was our dream that one day the idea of responsible journalism around Ultimate would catch on and become the norm rather than the exception. It seems that the ball has started rolling on that dream sooner than we expected. You may or may not have heard that we are working with Jojah Ultimate to bring the Ultimate world in depth coverage of college Ultimate’s premier fall tournament, The Classic City Classic.

You can have your No Wiscosequences and your Wilmington 8s but for our money, CCC is one of the best run tournaments in the nation. This year is going to be no exception as Jojah has gathered a group of top tier talent as well as observers and, of course, the best Ultimate journalism out there.

So strap in readers, these next couple weeks are going to be chock full of team previews, polls, announcements and schedules. We’re thrilled to be here and we hope that you enjoy the coverage.