Morning Pull: Ultimate Gets in Your System

This may become a regular feature or this may be the only time you see this (See our “Ultimate Flashback” series or “Tournament Bucket List“. We find ourselves constantly viewing the world through an Ultimate player’s eyes. Things are never quite the same for us as it is for everyone else (everyone else who doesn’t play Ultimate).

So, we’ll try and chronicle some of the things that happen to us in every day life that show Ultimate is a little bit more than just a hobby at this point.

  • We’re going to court this morning because of a traffic violation. All we could think about is the arbitration system and whether or not it’s better that self-arbitration. We have concluded that, outside of Ultimate, the world needs a little bit more than self-arbitration, or even IRS.
  • We have long since stopped counting to thirty when using mouthwash. We now stall ourselves to ten, three times.

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