CCC LIII Saturday: Our Impressions

By the end of the third round at CCC we determined that we could no longer depend on anything. The entire world was upside down and we were very cold. These are a couple of categories that we thought up that really sorted out the mirey muck that was the Saturday of CCC 2009.


  • Nothing surprised us more than seeing Texas begin the day 0-3 to what was supposed to be its easiest competition. We can give you nothing more than exactly what the Texas captains told us. TUFF’s offense was weak, really weak. Talking to AJ Tiarsmith at dinner we learned that two years ago Texas came to CCC and went 0-5 on Saturday, then proceeded to make Nationals in the spring. TUFF could be in for a down year, but more than likely, regardless of the way they played today, they’ll be in Madison in May.
  • On a related note, the Joint Chiefs of Clemson really surprised us today. It appears that Ben Slade finally has everything just how he likes it in the Upstate of South Carolina. To say that the man is the heart and soul of his team is quite an understatement. Last year at Sectionals, when South Carolina played Clemson we broke the Joint Chiefs every O point that Slade wasn’t on the field, every point he was, Joint Chiefs scored. If that’s not indicative, we don’t know what is.
  • Speaking of South Carolina, we were surprised that the Gamecocks didn’t muster a more successful day after taking Wisconsin to 13-11 in the first round. We’d like to think that if USC is going to make any noise in the GA/SC Section, this would be the year, but it appears the team has a little bit of distance to go.
  • Staying in USC’s pool, what about Alabama? Bama came out of nowhere today to finish with a winning record. We’re talking about a team that hasn’t even fared very well in its own section recently. Talk about breaking seed.
  • Emory, 0-5? After picking up both Robert Runner and David Berendes (both players that were a part of Chain Lightning’s championship run) one would expect more from Juice.

We’re All Going Streaking:

Neeley told us that he thought that Notre Dame was kind of a streaky team. We have to say that’s it’s hard to argue with that after today’s play.

Papal Rage opened the day with a 4-0 lead on Michigan State and continued to play great until Vanderbilt earned a couple breaks in the second half of their fourth round game. We don’t know the exact score but we’re certain that Notre Dame had at least a five point lead on Vandy before the boys from Nashville came storming back and managed to take the lead before Notre Dame asserted itself and picked up its fourth straight victory.

However, it’s clear that there was some hangover for Papal Rage in its fifth round game. Notre Dame only managed to put up 7 against Virginia. We’ll see what Papal Rage is really made of early tomorrow morning because they’ve got Wisconsin first thing in the morning.


We’re tempted to tell you to just completely ignore the results of this tournament. As well organized as this tournament is, the weather has completely changed the face of the results of this tournament. It’s possible that the wind, snow, rain and cold completely altered the way that most teams played so much that these results will be in no way indicative of how most of these teams will finish.

On the other hand, you could look at these results and say, “These are the teams that are going to finish well despite the weather, despite whatever troubles come their way, they can overcome.”

Whatever you want to say, know this, the weather definitely changed the landscape and the way Ultimate was played today.


Say what you want about getting the most games against the best competition and things of that nature. There’s a reason that the UPA uses pool/bracket play in its National Championship and championship series. It’s exciting, you really do see the best players and it gives lower seeded teams an opportunity to prove their worth against the “favored” teams.

One day in the future we may no longer use pool/bracket play but as far as we can tell, this is the best that we’ve got.

We’ll have more for you later, but we’ve got a long cold day in front of us tomorrow so for now, it’s bed time.


4 responses to “CCC LIII Saturday: Our Impressions


  2. Agreed. I also would have liked to see some women’s updates from CCC.

    I was glad to see that at least the scorereporter page was updated after each round.

  3. Harrison Bartels

    Ahem. BOOOOOOOOOO. Michael Aguilar is ONE DUDE, and a truly badass one at that. If you would like more coverage of women’s games start your own blog, quit bitching, and start a revolution. That is all.

  4. Dude, this coverage is nice to read in a coverage starved sport.

    Congratulations on being super awesome. Keep it up!

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