Weekend Roundup

Believe it or not, all three tournaments that had any college open ramifications whatsoever were cancelled this weekend. We thought that, in the absence of Big D in Little d and The ACC Ultimate Championships we could bring you the story of Greenville, SC’s third annual Frozen Goose tournament. Alas, the wintry mix that swept the nation descended even on Upstate South Carolina.

In the wake of no actual Ultimate, RSD has been awash with the controversy between the UOA and the UPA, Crazy Frank being crazy, and some awesome photos from Joint Summit.

Like this one (Yes, it is a foul. Yes, it is still awesome.):

South Carolina's Marshall Walker strongly challenges Jojah's Peter Dempsey for a disc on game point in the semis of Joint Summit Classic 2010. Photo by Jesse von Fange.


As for next weekend, let us hope that better weather comes for one of the preseason’s most anitcipated tournaments: College Trouble in Vegas. We encourage you to check out Neeley’s discussion on the seeding and tiering format the boys at Cultimate are using this year for he is in the know about these things. All we can tell you is, some will people will grumble about it and some people will love it, but the vast majority will just want to play Ultimate in Las Vegas.

We’ve got a couple contacts headed out to hit The Strip and throw the disc but our coverage will hardly be comprehensive. Hopefully, we can give you a pretty solid account of what went down in the power pool and some snippets about what is happening on the rest of the fields.

There should be some lower level action in the AC at Discs over Georgia and some South Regional rivalries playing out at T-Town Throwdown. Unfortunately, neither of these two tournaments have any more information up at the moment. We may bring you some information about these tournaments but, they are far down the priority list when it comes to changing the face of the National picture for this season.


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