UOAgate – The UPA and George Mason Speak

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We just spoke with Chuck Menke, head of communications in Boulder, and a George Mason representative. While appreciative of them both calling us back, we were a little disappointed to hear that the UPA and George Mason had no further comment on the whole situation.

“For right now (our public statement) is going to be our public comment on the situation,” Menke said. “Outside of the public statement that we just made, we don’t have any plans (to make any further statements). We thought we addressed the matter as well as we could.”

The George Mason spokesperson took a similar approach. Telling us the following.

“The only thing I really wanted to say is that George Mason talked to everyone and we will not be getting involved with this message board banter back and forth,” he said.

Furthermore, it appears that GMU is even less involved that most would have originally thought, including Gerics himself.

“No official complaint has been made to the UPA,” GMU said. “I spoke briefly with them but I was told they cannot do anything with my situation until I file a formal complaint. I have not done any of that yet and I’m still deciding on whether or not to. I’m trying to work the situation out with Mike on the side, separately, not through the message board.”

The spokesperson wanted to very clear on one point.

“The incident that happened with George Mason, is unrelated to Mike’s suspension,” he said.

It appears at the moment, that most of this is probably going to fizzle out while only minor issues, such as Gerics having some more animosity towards the UPA and the missing sanctioned games for upcoming 8s attendees, will linger.

We’re still hoping that Gerics e-mails us so that we can get his side of the story and we’ll be sure to let you know when we hear back from the Parks and Rec department. Until then, isn’t the Ultimate world a strange one?

UPA Public Statement http://www.upa.org


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