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Tally Classic 2010 – Round Three – Notre Dame Papal Rage vs. Georgia Southern Eagles

Unfortunately for us, we hadn’t seen a truly competitive game until at the beginning of our third round at Tally Classic. That’s not to say that there weren’t any, just none that we were witness to.

That was all to change as we watched the Notre Dame Papal Rage face off against the Georgia Southern Eagles. Notre Dame won the Tally Classic last year and were certainly one of the favorites to win the tournament again this year but Georgia Southern’s results so far this season indicate that they are a team that is capable of playing on just about any level.

In the end though, Notre Dame’s experience would come out on top as Papal Rage won by a count of 13-8.

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Tally Classic 2010 – Round Two – Michigan State Burning Couch vs. Valdosta State

After the first round was over all teams were arriving at the fields. The sparkling new FSU Rec Sportsplex was nearly filled to the brim with Ultimate teams as far as the eye could see. The top seeds in the morning pools were rubbing the sleep from their eyes after first round byes and getting ready to take on the third seeds in their pools. Considering the props that we gave them, we were ready to see Michigan State in action.

They were taking on Valdosta State and Burning couch didn’t waste much time proving that they were in Tallahassee with one thing in mind, the first place prize money. VSU was handed a 13-7 defeat in quick and impressive fashion.

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Tally Classic 2010 – Round One – UCF Dogs of War vs. Auburn

When we walked out the front door of the house in the morning to sunny skies and warmer weather we knew that things were going to be alright. We heard many Ultimate teams echoing our sentiments throughout the day as Tallahassee provided some of the best weather that one could ask for, whether you were playing or watching.

We began our day with a matchup against recent T-Town Throwdown champs, Auburn, and perhaps one of the only two teams that didn’t truly appreciate the weather in Tallahassee today, UCF Dogs of War (the other being Miami Vice). We expected a good game considering Auburn’s recent victory over in-state rivals Alabama and UCF’s penchant for alway producing a quality Ultimate team.

We were in for a surprise. UCF toppled Auburn by a final count of 13-7.

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