Easterns 2010 – Round Four – UGA Jojah vs. Cornell Buds

Cornell's Ethan Pollack comes down with a catch block over Jojah's Matt Bailey at College Easterns. Photo courtesy of Jesse von Fange. http://www.unitesports.biz

In their final pool play game of the day, Georgia and Cornell squared off against each other in a game that had plenty of meaning. Since Jojah had lost to UVA and Virginia, in turn, had lost to Cornell, a Bulldog victory would create a three-way tie across the pool that would be decided by point differential.

Needless to say, both UGA and Cornell were feeling the pressure coming into the game and with the wind picking up, the game was bound to be an exciting one.

Cornell would mount a huge comeback over the course of the game in order to pull out a 14-13, double game point, victory over the Dawgs.

The game was all Georgia through the first seven points, which culminated in Georgia’s Peter Dempsey catching a misread Cornell swing for a Callahan goal to put the Bulldogs up 6-1.

It was at this point, that the Buds started to chip away at the UGA lead. After trading to go to 7-3, Cornell earned its first break of the game to close to 7-4. Jojah would drop the disc on its next possesion and Cornell’s Dan Brager found Brian Grundy in the endzone to go to 7-5. On the next point, Cornell would force another UGA turn and Garrett Bernstein skyed a crowd to catch a floaty disc and get within one, 7-6 in Jojah’s favor.

UGA stopped the bleeding momentarily when Matt Bailey caught a blade huck from Dempsey and hit UGA’s Caleb Edwards for the score on the next throw to take half.

At this point, the wind had picked up heavily and UGA was relying on its defense on the downwind points. Jojah hucked at will when going downwind and it was only the stellar defense of Cornell’s Ethan Pollack that kept things under control for the Buds. It seemed that whenever UGA looked deep, Pollack was there, preventing potential bailout hucks from becoming goals.

Out of halftime Pollack proved that he was more than capable on the offensive side of the disc as well, scoring the first point for Cornell and once again closing the gap to one, 8-7.

The teams traded from that point until 12-11 in Jojah’s favor when Cornell’s Damien Lazar got a layout block and the Buds scored the goal to tie the game up just as the softcap came on at 12-12.

On this point the stars came out for Jojah. Dempsey and fellow graduate student Taylor Nilan worked the disc all the way up the field until Nilan dumped it to senior Rob Herrig, Herrig then laid Dempsey out for the score to take a 13-12 lead and go to game point for UGA.

Cornell had come too far to be turned away now though, the Buds brought down a swilly hammer on the next point to move the game to double game point. One pull, some tough defense and a drop from the usually reliable Edwards left Cornell with great field position and the Buds took advantage. They punched the disc in for the score and the win, sending Jojah packing on its third straight double game point finish of the day.

Cornell captains told us afterwards that they thought it was important for the o-line to not change its mentality throughout the course of the game, only to realize that, at a certain point, turnovers were no longer acceptable. The Buds began to crash Jojah’s cup more and more and it was that style that led to the offense being able to comeback from such a large deficit.


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