Easterns 2010 – Quarterfinals

Pitt's Colin Conner snags a disc in front of a Georgia's Matt Bailey during Eaterns quarterfinals. Photo courtesy of Jesse von Fange.

Quarterfinals had a bit of a different feel than prequarters. All four of the teams that had advanced through prequarters had advanced through dogfight games. Mostly fighting tooth and nail to advance, only to face an even tougher opponent than the round before.

Unfortunately for spectators, this resulted in some lopsided scores. The round of eight consisted of Pitt vs. Georgia, Virginia vs. Cornell, Middlebury vs. Virginia Tech and Wisconsin vs. Brown.

Just like prequarters, we were only able to watch three of these games. Wisconsin toppled Brown by a count of 15-6. We have no further information as to the manner of method by which this happening occurred. Meanwhile, Pitt whooped Georgia, 15-5, Middlebury and Virginia both avenged Saturday losses, Middlebury over Virginia Tech 15-9 and Virginia over Cornell 14-11.

Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur vs. Georgia Jojah

Despite a tight finish in a game that Jojah played the tighest of lines in, the Dawgs were able to give Pitt a little bit of a scare to start the game off. The Dawgs started on offense and opened up with an easy goal. UGA followed that goal with an upwind break, winds were swirling at 15-20 mph by that point, to take a 2-0 lead.

Pitt answered by scoring its next possession, an upwind goal, and pulled to Georgia but the boys from Athens were still not relenting. The Dawgs next possesion was headed right into the wind and UGA managed to score, bringing the score to 3-1.

Pitt scored its next upwinder, to go to 3-2 and then En Sabah Nur grabbed its first break to tie the game up at 3-3. Georgia held onto its lead for one more possession, scoring to go up 4-3 but that would be the last time that UGA would see the endzone for quite some time.

Pitt scored to tie things up at 4-4 and broke the Dawgs all the way to halftime. With Pitt having an 8-4 lead, it was clear that UGA, which had expended much of its remaining energy against UNCW in prequarters, was just about done for the tournament. Jojah stars began to take points off that they had been playing up until this point.

This gave Pitt an opportunity to make things look ugly and that is exactly what En Sabah Nur did. Pitt rode the momentum that it had built up going into halftime to a 13-4 lead before UGA would score again. By the time the Dawgs found the endzone, it was pretty meaningless, Pitt finished the game on the next possession, putting a 15-5 victory under their belt and sending an exhausted Georgia team down to the 5th place bracket.

Virginia's Jesse Macadangdang catches a disc over Cornell's Damian Lazar making this possibly the awesomest collection of names going for a single jump disc. Photo courtesy of Jesse von Fange. http://www.unitesports.biz

Virginia Night Train vs. Cornell Buds

Night Train was presented the rare opportunity to avenge a loss that it suffered on Saturday in Sunday of the same tournament. Cornell had stomped UVA in pool play by a score of 15-3 and UVA coach Jonathan Neeley told us that the game had been a complete collapse on UVA’s part.

Needless to say, Night Train was ready to prove that its loss on Saturday was not indicative of what it was bringing to the table. That feeling showed to start the game off as Virginia came out hot.

Night Train started the game on offense and scored its first point downwind to take a 1-0 lead. For an experienced team like UVA, one would expect that it take advantage of starting headed downwind and score the first point, what one wouldn’t expect is what happened next.

Over the next five points UVA dominated the game, on a series of blocks, drops and turnovers from Cornell, Night Train jumped out to a 5-0 lead which culminated in junior Andrew Wilkes catching the fifth score for Virginia and the Buds burning a timeout to try and pull themselves together.

We had seen this before though, UVA was not the first team to jump out to a lead on Cornell and with the wind at the level it was at, it would be no surprise for Cornell to stage a comeback of some sorts.

The Buds did just that. Cornell scored twice before UVA’s next trip to the endzone, cutting the lead to 6-2. It was two more Buds scores before UVA score again, making the score 7-4. It felt like UVA just needed to reach halftime to keep the game out of reach but Night Train continued to stumble as the Buds scored their next offensive possession and then broke Virginia two more times to tie things up at 7-7.

UVA finally managed to take half at 8-7 and also broke the Buds out of halfitme to extend 9-7.

It appeared as though Cornell’s run at the end of the first half was all that the Buds had left in them. Virginia would get one more break to extend its lead at 13-10 and eventually win with a 14-11 final score.

Middlebury Pranksters vs. Virginia Tech Burn

One field over, another team was seeking to avenge a Saturday loss, the Middlebury Pranksters lost on Saturday to the Virginia Tech Burn by a large margin, 15-6. The Pranksters would have to completely turn their performance around if they had any hope of defending their Easterns title from last year.

Fortunately for the Pranksters, if there was one team as comfortable in the wind as Virginia Tech at Easterns, it was Middlebury. The Pranksters took the lead on the first point and didn’t relinquish, beating Burn by a count of 15-9.

An even more impressive victory considering captain Joe MacDonald spent the entire game on the sideline nursing an ankle that is recovering from the tearing of multiple tendons and saving himself for a potential semifinals matchup.

Middlebury started off pulling to Burn, Virginia Tech turned the disc early and Middlebury capitalized quickly, taking a 1-0 lead. The Pranksters proceeded to rattle off two more breaks before VT would get on the board, taking a 3-1 lead.

Tech would get a break of its own to narrow the lead to 3-2 but Middlebury quickly recovered and then some. Scoring three straight goals to take a 6-2 lead.

From that point on the final outcome of the game was never seriously in question. The teams traded to halftime and Burn gave up a couple more breaks throughout the second half. Middlebury refused to give up many turnovers and capitalized on the turnovers that Burn gave them, finally winning with a score of 15-9.


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