The UOA Experiment

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Well, we’re back from a long hiatus but we want everyone to be certain that this (by this we mean us… writing) is by no means a long term or certain thing. We’re back in college, much to the dismay of the wife whom we are currently bumming off of, and with that enrollment comes the opportunity to use the rest of our college eligibility.

Graduate school is no joke and to be student teaching 100 11th graders on top of graduate level course work creates a “double-whammy” as they say. So, it’s doubtful that much of this season will be documented on Monup. However, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to write down the happenings of this weekend as we travel with our new team, LSU, to our first college tournament of the season, the UOA SEC Championship Tournament.

The UOA has been around for about a year now and certainly hasn’t been without controversy in its young existence. That being said, the UOA also clear and explicit goals that we firmly believe have the future of Ultimate somewhat in mind. UOA Co-founder Mike Gerics seems to be excited about the SEC tournament and his college season in general despite the fact that the fields have turned out to be far less than he originally expected.

For a more specific example, the only two SEC teams that perennially attend USA Ultimate Nationals, Florida and Georgia, are sitting this weekend out. However, the idea of playing Regional matchups that mirror “real sport” matchups is exciting.

All that to say, we’re certain that there are many folks who are interested in the way that this weekend and the rest of the UOA season plays out. We won’t be keeping our eyes on the rest of the season but we’ll be in the thick and thin of it this weekend. Hopefully, we’ll get an opportunity to talk to Gerics at some point but certainly we’ll be bringing you a couple reviews from a couple different captains.

We’re attempting to stay as unbiased as possible even though we’re back in the college scene. However, we should state again, in the interest of full disclosure, that we are now enrolled at LSU and playing Ultimate for the school’s team.

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  1. what happened, dude?

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