Photo courtesy of UGA Ultimate

It’s that time again folks. The boys at Georgia have invited us back to cover their premier tournament, The Classic City Classic. This time we’re playing but hopefully that won’t hamper coverage too much.

We have plenty of previews on the way. We plan on bringing you round by round score updates on Saturday and, when/if LSU drops from competition on Sunday, point by point score updates. There will also be tournament recaps but those might fall to early next week if playing leaves us too tired to work them out on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Also, be sure to use Leaguevine as a way to keep track of what’s going on in Athens. The site worked beautifully during the club championships and, while it may not as thorough for CCC, we can only imagine it’ll do the same this weekend.

It looks like the tournament is going to be as great as it usually is and if the weathermen know anything (they usually don’t) we won’t have to deal with anything like we did last year.

Here’s the forecast for those of you too lazy to look it up yourselves.

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One response to “CCC LIX

  1. I’ll be there coaching a women’s team, but I might be able to help you get something from the ladies if you’d like.

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