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CCC LIII: Our Final Impressions

So, CCC is finally over. This will, most likely, be our last post on the topic. That being said, we think that we saw a lot about the future of college Ultimate this weekend. We wouldn’t be surprised to see four or even five teams from this tournament make an appearance in Madison this summer.

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CCC LIII Second Round: Georgia vs. Delaware

As inclement as the weather was in the first round of CCC, it got worse in the second. Although the snow started to melt and the sun started to emerge from the gray clouds that had shrouded it all morning, the conditions began to worsen. The wind began to pick up and the ground began to turn into a slippery muck of mud and mire.

In our eyes, this became the great equalizer for the day. It was grossly apparent that during the Georgia/Delaware game, the conditions negated almost any athletic advantage that individuals may have had.

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CCC LIII Previews: Jojah Bulldogs

They say that success is contagious. If that’s the case, then Jojah is certainly in for one of its most successful seasons of all time.

Since 2003 Jojah has only missed Nationals once. It is safe to say that the Bulldogs have made themselves a staple of the competitive Ultimate scene. However, apart from their trip to the semifinals on the back of future World Champion Dylan Tunnell, Jojah has not had much in the way of success once Nationals has rolled around. Last season was no exception as Georgia, the No. 2 team from the Atlantic Coast, won one game in Columbus and finished tied for 19th in the nation.

“For all our players that were on the team last year,” Jojah captains Peter Dempsey and Rob Herrig wrote us in an e-mail. “(That) was an embarrassment.”

However, Jojah has been surrounded by success this offseason, as two of men who play pivotal roles on the team, fifth year captain Dempsey and coach AJ Tiarsmith helped lead Atlanta’s Chain Lightning to its first UPA Club Championship.

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South Open Regionals Finals – Chain Lightning vs. Doublewide

Chain Lightning's Rob White skies Doublewide's Kiran Thomas for a goal. Photo courtesy of Ben Deneka.

Chain Lightning's Rob White skies Doublewide's Kiran Thomas for a goal. Photo courtesy of Ben Deneka.

From the first point in the Regional finals on Sunday, it was easy to tell that things were¬†just a little bit different for Chain Lightning in this year’s UPA Series. The team from Atlanta brought home its first Regional victory in three years with a 15-10 over Texas’ Doublewide.

After Doublewide caught the opening pull it was only a matter of throws before Chain’s Mark Poole (our former summer league captain) sold out for a layout block on a breakmark throw. Poole had to take an injury after his mark landed on him but his replacement, AJ Tiarsmith, would find John “Kid” Hammond in the back of the end zone with a hammer.

Though Tiarsmith’s hammer was anything but advised, it was clear that Chain now had, not only the mentality, but also the talent to execute something that it hadn’t done in three years, win the South Region.

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Open South Regionals: Chain Lightning Preview

Atlanta's Chain Lightning poses after winning the Chesapeake Open. Photo by Kevin Leclaire. Courtesy of Rob Barrett.

Atlanta's Chain Lightning poses after winning the Chesapeake Open. Photo by Kevin Leclaire. Courtesy of Rob Barrett.

On a rainy Thursday night in northern Washington four young men careened out of control in a rental car and flipped twice before finally coming to a stop. Those four men were Atlanta, Georgia’s Asa Wilson, Rob White, Paul Vandenberg and David Berendes, all members of Chain Lightning. Wilson, White, Vandenberg and Berendes all emerged from the vehicle unharmed and unwittingly stumbled into the perfect metaphor for their team’s history.

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AC Regionals Preview – Jojah Bulldogs

JojahThere are plenty of parallels to draw between the University of Georgia’s football team and its Ultimate frisbee team. In the summer and early fall of 2008 it appeared that UGA’s football team appeared to have all the pieces to the puzzle. Many thought that the Bulldogs were a lock to at least go on to the National Championship, if not win the whole thing.

In the fall of 2008 and spring of 2009 talk ran rampant on RSD and other Ultimate forums about Jojah’s shot at a national title this season. It seemed that they had all the pieces. An experienced core, nationals experience and a young group of ambitious freshmen and sophomores that could fill in and provide parks of energy for the experienced upper classmen.

Both teams also sprinted out of the gates with a hot start. Jojah defeated Regional rivals Florida at Florida Warm Up and followed that performance up witha tournament win at Queen City Tune Up. However, just like their counterparts of the gridiron, Jojah faltered throughout the season, struggling at national tournaments like The Stanford Invite and Huck Finn.

However, unlike the Bulldogs of the football field, the Bulldogs with the plastic disc did not misstep going into their important postseason. Where the football lost to Georgia Tech, Jojah won the GA/SC Sectionals going away. Perhaps even more importantly, the Georgia student athletes on scholarship did not have a player like Peter Dempsey returning to the field just in time for the most important tournament, the UPA Atlantic Coast Regionals in Charlotte this weekend, of the season so far.

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GA/SC Sectionals Preview – Georgia


If there is any team in the nation this season who can respect every side of the spectrum of a college ultimate season it is Jojah Ultimate. The Dawgs have been on top and they have been at the bottom. They have gone from being declared contenders for the National Championship to being declared one of the most overrated teams on the college scene. 

The rumors that Jojah was overrated came after the Dawgs, on the heels of a finals appearance at Florida Warm Up and rolling most their competition at Queen City Tune Up, went 0-7 at The Stanford Invite.

Then, as a result of inclement weather, the Dawgs missed a chance to get back on their feet when Sunday action was rained out at College Terminus after Jojah had gotten out to a 4-1 start on Saturday. Although the Dawgs did not finish perfect at College Easterns in Wilmington, N.C. they forced their way into playing for fifth after a loss to eventual tournament runner-up, Virginia.

Finally Georgia would get one last shot at some of the Nationals competitors that gave it such a hard time at The Stanford Invite. UGA traveled to St. Louis for Huck Finn, Cultimate’s final regular season tournament. The Dawgs could not conquer the national field as once again they left a Cultimate tournament less than satisfied with their performance. The Dawgs went 2-5, with all five losses coming against UPA and NUMP Top 15 competition.

As a result of a drama and disappointment filled season UGA is coming into the GA/SC Sectionals ready to play.

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