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Weekend Roundup: In Which Teams Actually Play Ultimate

Three (nearly) full tournaments were played this weekend, in what proved to be the first weekend of the preseason that was not severely affected by inclement weather. That being said, teams attending Queen City Tuneup had to deal with snow and shortened round times while teams attending Mardi Gras had to deal with bayous encroaching into the middle of the field. Meanwhile, President’s Day frolicked out West like one would expect Californians to.

After the jump is this weekend’s recap. It may be of some interest to many of you but we are making some efforts to get in touch with the UPA, Mike Gerics and George Mason’s Ultimate program to try and sort out just what went down this last weekend. It would be somewhat of a tragedy in our opinion if the UPA decided to go through with what, at the moment, seems like a rash and harsh decision.

That being said, we’re reserving judgment for the time being because, having played against Gerics and knowing his history, we would not be the least bit surprised if this suspension was deserved.

Perhaps we shouldn’t say anything in order to avoid alienating any of the parties involved but we wanted you, the readers, to know that we’re on the case to get the story from all involved. Good luck to all teams searching for sanctioned games.

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Nationals Open Previews: NC State Wolfpack

NC State poses for a team picture after defeating Florida in the game-to-go at UPA Atlantic Coast Regionals. Photo courtesy of Evan Bowles.

NC State poses for a team picture after defeating Florida in the game-to-go at UPA Atlantic Coast Regionals. Photo courtesy of Evan Bowles.

At UPA College Regionals this season the NC State Wolfpack forever burned itself into the memories of Ultimate players by beating the No. 1 team in the Nation, Florida, in the game-to-go, securing a spot for NCSU at UPA Nationals in Columbus, Ohio on May 22-25 and sending the Gators home for the summer. The Wolfpack had fought from the No. 5 seed to take the third bid to Nationals. Now NC State is attempting to do the impossible once again by defeating all odds and winning a National Championship.

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AC Open Regionals – Sunday Recap

Here are the rest of our Sunday recaps. We must say that this was, far and away, the best tournament that we have ever been a part of. It had all the drama and excitement that we could ask for along with excellent organization and logistics. The Ultimate and weather were beautiful and if someone can promise us that every AC College Regionals will play out like this one, we’ll be there forever.

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The Game – Florida vs. NC State

We know this is what you all want to hear about anyways, so here it is. The recap, from our eyes of the N.C. State and Florida game-to-go at UPA Atlantic Coast Regionals. Hopefully we’ll have some photos of the action up later tonight Recaps for the rest of the day are coming in due time. Thanks for reading.

A beautiful spring day in Charlotte, N.C. If one didn’t know any better, he/she would say that it was even peaceful. However, in this location, at this time, things were anything but peaceful. The Ramblewood Soccer Complex, a location that will most likely live on in infamy, as it was the location in which the might Florida Gators, the team that was expected … no, supposed to win Nationals, met their match, the North Carolina State Wolfpack.

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