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Tally Classic 2010 – Final Thoughts

The Tally Classic was a great tournament. There really aren’t many other ways to say it. Florida State has some fantastic field space in a brand new complex that allows for full fields with little to no slope, bumps or divots in them. The program also has a great vision for where Ultimate tournaments are headed. The format is designed with the players and, perhaps, future spectators in mind. The tournament packets given out to every team were informative and useful. Food on Saturday night was distributed effectively and efficiently. Needless to say, the inclusion of trained observers in every game is an alteration that soon will be the norm in college Ultimate.

However, there were downsides to the tournament. They were easily outweighed by the upsides but they existed nonetheless. There were really two polarizing issues for the weekend and we’ll try to explain the upsides and downsides to each of those issues in this post. Those issues were the observers and the format.

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Morning Pull: This Weekend’s Coverage

It is always an interesting experience to cover a frisbee tournament. For us, it’s like entering another world for a weekend. A world in which Ultimate is the national pastime, a Callahan is the country’s highest award and a place where our opinion on things actually matters. This weekend will, in all likelihood, be no exception.

We’re thrilled to be taking part in the Tally Classic and expect to see, in part, what the future of Ultimate is going to look like. We hope to bring you the deepest scope of that future here. This is our plan, which differs very slightly from how we covered CCC:

1. Round by round recaps of specific games, including tweeting point by point updates of those games. Specifically, we will be choosing one semifinal from the ACC South Championship and covering the final as well.

2. Since there is more time in between rounds at this tournament, we expect to be able to bring you round by round recaps of the scores of the Division I play.

3. For Twitter you can click here and you can also follow us on the hashtag #tc10. We started using the hashtag #tallyclassic2010 but realized how infuriating that would be to type every point. We’re still learning the ins and outs of this Twitter thing.

3. End of the day recaps, offering our opinion on how play went, what we liked, what we didn’t and any funny anecdotes from the day.

4. At some point next week we hope to have an interview with a couple of the observers from the weekend. Discussing how they felt about the rules and the players reactions. We will also get a few players’ perspective on all that.

That should about cover it, if you’d like to see anything else, leave a suggestion in the comments and we’ll do our best to satisfy everyone. After this weekend we will immediately begin our Easterns coverage. We have a lot of things that we are excited about coming up with this tournament so we hope you stick around for it.

So What’s the Tally Classic all About?

Progression, it tastes so good and this weekend we plan to get our fill of it. The Tally Classic is all about the progression of Ultimate as a sport. The boys at Florida State, while they may not be changing the game on the field, are changing the way that tournaments are organized. If you haven’t heard of how things go at the Tally Classic then we hope that this post will give you an idea and convince you to submit a bid next season.

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CCC LIII: Our Final Impressions

So, CCC is finally over. This will, most likely, be our last post on the topic. That being said, we think that we saw a lot about the future of college Ultimate this weekend. We wouldn’t be surprised to see four or even five teams from this tournament make an appearance in Madison this summer.

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Morning Pull: UPA College Nationals Experimental Rules

That’s right ladies and gentlemen (well, more the gentlemen than the ladies) there’s a new sheriff in town. The 20 teams competing at college Nationals voted to approve some new rules for this season’s National tournament. Here’s what they look like:

Open –

Travel Calls will go to immediate referral. There will be no debate. The calls will be made then, if they are contested, go straight to the observer.

Up/Down Calls will be made actively by the observers. Players cannot call or contest Up/Down calls.

Women –

Both Travel and Up/Down calls will be immediate referral.

Stay tuned as we have many things on our plate. Neeley will be weighing in on the new rules to give us a Nationals player’s perspective on the upcoming rule changes. Also, we’ve been contacted by Team USA coach Greg Connelly, we’ll have his take on how Team USA has gelled so far and what tasks they have ahead of them.