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Monup’s AC All-Region Team

Based on an extremely scientific process of asking the captains of each team to vote for their All-Region team we bring you: Monup’s First Annual AC All-Region team! Thanks to the captains that voted and congratulations to the players that made the team. We’d be more than happy to be listed as a reference on any and all of your future resumes.

First Team


1. Robert Runner – UVA Night Train (Consensus Selection)

2. Peter Dempsey – Jojah Bulldogs (Consensus Selection)

3. Rusty Ingold-Smith – UNC-W Seamen (Consensus Selection)

4. Brodie Smith – UF Gators

5. Tyler Conger – UVA Night Train

6. Alan Kolick – William and Mary

7. Thomas Ward – NC State Wolfpack

Second Team


1. Ken Porter – NC State Wolfpack

2. Brett Matzuka – NC State Wolfpack

3. Ben Slade – Clemson Joint Chiefs

4. Chris Mullinux – UT Volunteers

5. Eric Olivier – Charleston Bums

6. Taylor Nilan – Jojah Bulldogs

7. Brian Casey – UNC-W Seamen

Also receiving votes: Daniel Petronio – FSU DUF

A couple notes:

One consensus selection that is not shown through these votes, someone from NC State deserves to be on the first team. Every captain from the Region that voted had a member from the Wolfpack on his ballot but, as can be seen here, the votes ended up split between three Wolfpack players.

In case of a tie, we were the deciding vote.

Neeley has his own first and second All-Region squads with some of his own commentary and we’ll have that up in a bit. Sorry about our recent absence but finals have been bogging us down. Not to worry though, as Robert Runner told us in an e-mail (although he was speaking for himself and we are now speaking for us) “I just finished up with exams, so I can fully focus on Ultimate.”


AC Open Regionals – Superlatives

We’d like to start off by introducing a new contributing writer for Monup. Everyone meet Jonathan Neeley. Neeley is a player for UVA Night Train and a talented writer who wants to help the Ultimate scene grow and plans to do so via writing. He’s going to be helping us out in the coming weeks with our Nationals previews both from the perspective of a journalist and a player.

We handed out superlatives for Sectionals and here we are doing the same for Regionals. Neeley is also providing some perspective on superlatives.

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Morning Pull: AC Regional Photos

Our photographer from last weekend, amid having finals to worry about, has managed to finish editing his photos from last weekend and would like to share them with you.

You can visit his site here. He was paid a minimal amount of money for the amount of work that he put in and took some great photos. So we encourage you to purchase his photos as they are more than reasonably priced at $2 per photo. As you’ve already seen his pictures are of the highest quality and he’s got an eye for action.

So, peruse the pictures and find a couple you like to share with family and friends… or just to put up in that shrine to yourself that we all know you have in the closet.

All Region team and Superlatives are to come later today. We’re also in the process of writing a paper on Emmanuel Immanuel Kant’s theory of the universal communicability of the beautiful and sublime compared to his ideas on the categorical imperative and its first formulae or maxim. As you can imagine, we’re semi-strapped for time. On a related note, if you understood anything that we just wrote, shoot us a message because we have no idea what we’re talking about.

AC Open Regionals – An Observer’s Take

As we’ve already made abundantly clear on this blog, we were supremely impressed with the level of play during AC Regionals, both in terms of sportsmanship, talent and excitement. However, we didn’t want our opinion to be the only thing that lead to that conclusion. Here’s a Q&A that we recently had with El Diablo’s Mike Nash. Nash, from everything that we’ve heard and seen, is a really nice and really knowledgeable guy when it comes to Ultimate. We figured that his experience would be something that would interest everyone.

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Florida: Toeing the Line


Photo courtesy of Jesse von Fange.

Photo courtesy of Jesse von Fange.

This picture is interesting for several reasons. Not the least of which being the fact that we are standing in the background of it looking like, how do you say… a chump.

We’ve been interested in Florida since we first started hearing about them early on in our relatively young Ultimate careers. They are a polarizing figure in the Ultimate scene. We have yet to find someone who feels just so-so about the Gators. You either like them or you hate them and it’s no secret that the vast majority of people hate them.

After  spending a weekend studying the character of the Gators and those teams around them, here is our take.

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Morning Pull: A Few Words

After this weekend we want to say a few things.

First, this will sound rather cheesy, no team should have its collective head down right now. This weekend was a weekend in which Ultimate was on display in its truest form. The athleticism, talent and spirit of EVERY team this weekend was beyond impressive. The Atlantic Coast exceeded our expectations by so much we can’t even express it.

We expected the Finals and/or the game-to-go, along with the 1v1 crossovers to be callfests, gratuitous and absurd spikefests and any other kind of negative fest that you can think of. They, and almost all the other games throughout the weekend, were hard fought but maintained a level of dignity that is what makes Ultimate fun to play.

On top of the Spirit that was shown throughout the weekend. We think it is safe to say that the AC had the most competitive tournament of the weekend. There were six double-game-point finishes on Saturday alone. Followed by two universe games in the backdoor bracket in two more games on Sunday that were decided by two scores.

If you look at the other Regionals throughout the weekend, no team that made it to Nationals was challenged by any other team in the Region. Wisconsin and Carleton rolled through their Region while Colorado, Texas, UCSD and Kansas all did the same. We’re not trying to take anything away from these teams. They’re all certainly talented and great. However, it’s going to be hard to make an argument that any Region, top to bottom, could compete with the Atlantic Coast.

Congratulations are in order to those teams that pulled out victories and are headed to Nationals in less than four weeks. To those teams that will be staying home. Keep your heads up because you fought harder and gave those teams that are moving on a Hell that no other National contender can even fathom.

AC Open Regionals – Sunday Recap

Here are the rest of our Sunday recaps. We must say that this was, far and away, the best tournament that we have ever been a part of. It had all the drama and excitement that we could ask for along with excellent organization and logistics. The Ultimate and weather were beautiful and if someone can promise us that every AC College Regionals will play out like this one, we’ll be there forever.

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