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Morning Pull: Savage Ultimate

Courtesy of savageultimate.com

Courtesy of savageultimate.com

We don’t know what kind of journalistic boundaries this crosses but we want to plug one of the newest Ultimate uniform suppliers out there, Savage Ultimate. This company, run by Todd Curran of El Diablo, has everything that any team would need for its Ultimate needs.

Not only that but Curran seems to have quite the mastery when it comes to design. El Diablo’s new jerseys this season are quite slick and we are quite partial to the jerseys he provided for a pickup team we played on this summer, The Dragons, you may have heard of us because we are currently flying high at No. 37 33 in the UPA’s RRI.

Curran is great with design, timely and puts forth some fantastic prices. Not to mention the comfort of the material that he puts out is superior to anything that we’ve donned for the purpose of playing Ultimate. Give his website a look at http://www.savageultimate.com as he’s currently offering a fantastic deal for college uniforms.

We haven’t come across a uniform supplier that mixes knowledge, skill and Ultimate experience all into one quite like he does.

You’re going to like the way you look. We guarantee it.