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Morning Pull: Brackets and Seedings

Being from Atlanta, we know better than to question the motives of one Stuart Downs. That being said, the RSD crowd has been a little bit upset about the lack of brackets and seedings thus far in the Club Regionals process, rightfully so, we might add. That being said, Mr. Downs has recently been a little bit upset about the manner in which the RSD crowd has expressed its upsetness.

Now, there’s no point in everyone trying to figure out what’s been going on in everyone else’s corner at this point. What matters is, we haveĀ brackets and seedings!

We think the tournament organizers got just about everything right. However, if one were to quickly refer to that same RSD thread that we linked you to earlier, you might find a particularly convincing argument for El Diablo to be seeded in front of GRIT. Against common opponents Diablo’s record is 2-2 while GRIT’s record is 0-2. Not to mention the way that GRIT backed into the second place finish at Texas Sectionals.

However, we have been alive for probably about the same amount of time that Stuart Downs has been tooling fools on the field. For that reason, we bow to his supremacy when it comes to seeding and apart from that the seedings may be more or less perfect. (Aside from FTS’ argument for a higher seed, but once again, we bow to older, wiser minds.)

Now, on to the important things. Games we plan on watching.

Obviously the most interesting games are going to come in the second and third rounds on Saturday in the championship bracket and then again in the first, second and third rounds on Sunday. We plan on making sure that we have full of most of those games, and round by round score updates for the whole tournament. You can attain those by following us on Twitter or taking a glance at the box to the side of your internet window.

We’re still looking for a photographer so don’t be surprised if we walk up to you on Saturday and ask for your pictures or if you want to take pictures for us, shoot us an e-mail. We promise it will be worth your while! (Our lawyer takes this opportunity to point out that we offer no compensation, monetary or otherwise, only our eternal gratitude and completely appropriate affection.)

We look forward to meeting captains that we have traded e-mails with and watching a weekend of Ultimate at one of its highest levels. Check back here for updates and the like!

See you in Atlanta!


Nationals Open Seedings, Pools and Schedule

Check them out.

For those of you who are feeling lazy, here are some other ways to see what you want to see.


We’ll have commentary and such later. However, be sure to let us know what they got right and what they got wrong between now and then.

AC Regionals – Open Seedings, Pools and Brackets

The seedings, brackets and pools for this weekend’s UPA Atlantic Coast Regionals this weekend in Charlotte, NC have been released. Look below for that information and some commentary.

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GA/SC Sectionals – Pools and Seeding

Ask and ye shall receive eatmealotofpeaches. Here are the pools and seeding courtesy of Tim Ray, GA/SC Sectional Coordinator.

Courtesy of: Tim Ray

Courtesy of: Tim Ray

We’re still working on figuring out the schedule. Let’s hear your predictions and we’ll be certain to post ours before action starts. We’re also working on a couple of team previews. Stay tuned to hear about Charleston, USC, Georgia Southern and Clemson either later today or tomorrow.