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Morning Pull: Poultry Days

We’re back and better than ever. Sorry for the extended absence. We wish we could offer a real excuse but, let’s face it, there isn’t one. We hope to continue coverage as Club season gets kicked up. We’re in communication with some of the top elite open teams in the nation and hope to have some season previews for every team in the coming weeks.

For now, we spent last weekend at Poultry Days. It was our first time at one of the big “party” tournaments and we must say, the trip lives up to the hype. We arrived Friday afternoon and our first reaction was to text our fiancé and say, “I think this is a lot what my heaven will look like.”

Even more impressive then our enjoyment was the enjoyment of all of Versailles. Here’s an e-mail sent out from the the TD’s to all who participated:

To all the Ultimate teams that attended Versailles Poultry Days 2009 – Please share this with your teammates.

My wife and I are Versailles residents and live on the edge of the park where you camp and play. I just wanted want to take a minute to say “Thank you to everyone that participated in this years tournament. I’ve lived next to the park or playing fields for ten years and have never had a problem associated with the ultimate players. The groups of athletes that attend this festival and tournament never fail to amaze me. I’ve watched many games over the years and seen some of the best “sportsmanship” displayed on your playing fields. I sincerely hope that you continue to come to Versailles to be a part of this tournament and our community. Our little town festival would never be the same without you guys!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your visit to Versailles!!

Jim & Melanie Huffman

We’re not going to say that you don’t hear those kinds of things about other sports but we will say that PDays was an experience completely and totally unique to any other sporting experience we’ve ever had or ever expect to have. It’s times like this that we wonder if Ultimate living in its niche market is such of a bad thing.

So what people don’t take the game seriously? So what our summer boss asked us if there was a difference between Ultimate and disc golf? So what?

We enjoy the game and others enjoy the game. Sometimes, ever so often, people who don’t even play the game enjoy the game. Maybe Ultimate isn’t for everyone. Maybe, just maybe, it’s okay for it to be what it is.