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UOA SEC Championship – A Recap

Apologies for the delay in the recap. We were hoping to find some photos of the observers and players in action. Alas, it was not to be. We did, however, find the above video. It’s a highlight reel from Auburn from the weekend. You can get a glimpse at the observers in action in various shots.

This weekend was, in our opinion, a good showing of some of what Ultimate could potentially become if all the powers-that-be get their heads and acts together and take the best of all worlds. It’s clear that Ultimate is moving towards a more observer based officiation system. Anyone who plays Ultimate at any kind of competitive level should be for this. It makes NO sense to avoid it.

Now, the current question is: How much of the UOA’s system should or should not be adopted into the future of Ultimate?

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The UOA Experiment

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Well, we’re back from a long hiatus but we want everyone to be certain that this (by this we mean us… writing) is by no means a long term or certain thing. We’re back in college, much to the dismay of the wife whom we are currently bumming off of, and with that enrollment comes the opportunity to use the rest of our college eligibility.

Graduate school is no joke and to be student teaching 100 11th graders on top of graduate level course work creates a “double-whammy” as they say. So, it’s doubtful that much of this season will be documented on Monup. However, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to write down the happenings of this weekend as we travel with our new team, LSU, to our first college tournament of the season, the UOA SEC Championship Tournament.

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