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CCC LIX – Random Thoughts and Previews

Obviously we didn’t have time to preview every team in the field. Our pools and seeds post discussed a little news on each team but we wanted to go ahead and give the briefest of thoughts in a more news-like manner on some of the more notable players,¬†occurrences¬†and oddities of the teams attending. In alphabetical order.

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CCC LIII Previews: Notre Dame Papal Rage

Being a team from a powerful region has its benefits. Great experience, great competition and production of an overall better Ultimate program. However, it also has its downsides, like not being able to advance to Nationals despite having great talent.

That was the story last year for Notre Dame Papal Rage. The team finished 13th in the UPA’s highly regarded RRI, with a 39-7 record on the season. However, two of those seven losses came at exactly the wrong time as Rage was downed by Ohio State and Michigan (17-16) at the Great Lakes Regionals.

This sent a talented senior class out in manner that they did not expect.

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